Mother's Day GIFT SET with Day & Night Cream and a Handmade Candle

$53.00 $68.00 -23% OFF

Mother's Day GIFT SET with Day & Night Cream and a Handmade Candle

$53.00 $68.00 -23% OFF

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Plastic-free packaging from the heart of Sweden.

 🌸 Mother's Day Gift Set -Embark on a Journey to the Enchanting Swedish Fields and Forests with Our Hälsingland-inspired set! 🌸

🎁 Searching for the PERFECT Mother's Day gift? Look no further! We will take your Mom on a breathtaking skincare ritual with landscapes of Hälsingland, one of Sweden's most captivating regions. 



  • Natural Highly Nourishing Face Cream - House of Lin 50ml
  • Natural Night Repair Face Mask - House of Lin 50ml
  • 'Mom's garden' Handmade candle with 100% organic Swedish Rapeseed Wax 75 ml  (15h burning time)
  • 2x Samples of our super Face Oil 3in1 
  • 2 stickers with nature ornaments 
  • Our amazing face cream and mask beautifully packed, sent from Sweden to your door in recycled, compostable packaging.


Our Mother's Day Gift Set is not just a collection of skincare wonders – it's a gateway to the serene lakes, enchanting woods, and vibrant flowers that define the beauty of Swedish nature🌳🌼

💆‍♀️Imagine this picture:  She unwraps our Natural Highly Nourishing Face Cream from House of Lin, infused with the essence of Hälsingland. Let the linseed extract, a symbol of this glorious region, transport her skin on a nourishing journey. Watch her skin getting looking fresh, hydrated, and lifted.

😴 But the journey doesn't end there! Our Mother's Day Gift Set introduces her to our Natural Night Repair Face Mask, crafted to restore her skin powers while she sleeps🌿😍

🕯️ Ritual would not be completed without the captivating scents of our 'Mom's garden' Handmade Candle,  made with 100% organic Swedish Rapeseed Wax. As the flame dances and casts a warm glow it will fill her space with the delicate fragrance of wildflowers 🔥🌺

🌍 Worried about the environment? Rest assured! Our commitment to sustainability shines through every aspect of this gift set. From recycled and compostable packaging to sustainably sourced natural and organic ingredients, we celebrate the beauty of Hälsingland while protecting the very nature that inspires us. 🌱

Order now and allow us to swiftly deliver this extraordinary gift set, bringing the beauty of Sweden's fields and forests to her doorstep. 🎁

Mixed skin, dry skin, dehydrated skin, aging skin, sensitive skin

Dryness, irritation, dehydration, balancing sebum production, protecting skin from water loss

Squalane, Lin Seed Extract, Linseed Oil, Niacinamide, Wild strawberry, Centella Asiatica Root Extract



Cream: Use Highly Nourishing Face Cream on your clean face in the morning.
Night Cream/ Mask: Leave on for 15 min and remaining part massage into your skin... or you can also use our Power Up Night Mask during sleep as a sleeping mask or night cream.

If you have mixed or oily skin and you want to balance sebum production, add to this set our Skin Repair Niacinamide & Azelaic Acid Serum - House of Lin 30ml.

Norrskin experience & Quality

Our company from the beginning decided to focus on the safety of our clients and the safety of our Planet. We have been working with biochemists, cosmetologists, and toxicologists for 2 years to develop our formulas. We have created Extended Safety reports for all our cosmetics.


  • Vegan Certified
  • Natural Certified
  • Clean Certified
  • Dermatologically tested

Inspirational Landscape – Hälsingland

These products are from our first skincare collection House of Lin inspired by Hälsingland – located in central Sweden. The leading flower in this landscape is Lin (Linum usitatissimum). Beautiful blue flower rich in vitamins, and Omega Fatty acids and provides healing and calming effect on your skin.

All for your skin to strengthen and protect from dehydration from the inside. It leaves skin soft, moisturised and mattified. 

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