Sustainability is one of our core values in the company. Today's consumption have build millions of unsustainable patterns across the globe where the lowest price is taking over quality and ecological designs.




As a producer and manufacturer we have big responsibilities towards The Planet. That is why from the beginning, our company mission and goals were actively focused on responsible production and consumption. We focus on the process with the same ambition and quality measurements as on the products quality.


Norrskin apart from developing ecological solutions within cosmetic industry would like to actively fight against climate change, by running our company according to our sustainable strategy, have constant reforesting actions across the globe as well as supporting multiple marine projects to clean the oceans from plastics and toxins.
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How we work on sustainable production and positive climate change

Read how we focus on upcycling in our production on every way!

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Read about our unique paper solutions!

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Our European glass packaging is an innovation of the XXI century!

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Read about our reforesting program!

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