In the beginning of the process - in 2019 we set a goal for Norrskin - to develop solutions that are as friendly towards the planet as possible. We were gathering ideas and creating prototypes for more than a year where finally we achieved ready glass packaging for Norrskin and our first collection House of Lin.



Our glass packaging is made from 20% to 90% PCR ( Post Consumer Recycled) glass, which means that for our glass we used recycled glass that made new life to our bottles and jars. ALL our glass containers are 100% recyclable.


On top of that we are using non-impregnated, natural beech wood for our locks. This idea came to us when we were focusing a lot on glass packaging with goal to avoid plastic. Then we came to conclusion, that we can go a level further and invest in wooden designs as well. Wood used for our locks comes from the FSC supply chain for 90% of the total wood.

We are very proud of our first designs especially knowing it is our beginning. 

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