Norrskin Code of Conduct 


Norrskin Code of Conduct is a description of behaviour that applies to Norrskin employees towards other employees, customers and suppliers/partners who are bounded with financial contract including employment agreement or service agreement.

In Norrskin we practise integrity, equality and diversity.


  • We live and develop products within our Vision and Mission that stands for Cruelty Free, Vegan and Natural cosmetics.
  • In Norrskin we live and share respect towards all humans and nature. We support equality towards all humans by providing equal opportunities in the workplace due to diversity of characteristics.


We focus on minimalistic, responsible production and consumption towards human beings and Nature.


  • To reduce transportation:
  • we only work with suppliers within Europe
  • We only have production lines in Europe 
  • We focus on reducing  CO2 footprint on every aspect of our production.
  • We choose our materials with absolute criteria that holds sustainability and quality aspects as top priority.
  • We plant 1 tree for every product we sell to actively participate in repairing our planet.


In Norrskin we practise safety and transparency.


  • We provide up to date information about our products, services. 
  • We communicate clearly about our formulas, designs and marketing actions.
  • In Norrskin we respect the privacy of data of our customers and our partners and protect such data by adequate security described in Norrskin Privacy Policy.
  • All our skincare products before reaching market must pass
    • Dermatological test
    • Microbiologically test
    • Toxicologically test
    • Environment test
    • Compatibility test
    • Stability test
    • Preservative test






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